Local focus on stakeholder activities

Interest groups in the Kainuu region, such as employees, local inhabitants and representatives of adjacent municipalities, were emphasised in Terrafame’s stakeholder relationships in 2017. The company’s industrial site in Tuhkakylä, Sotkamo received a total of almost 4,000 visitors, who became acquainted with the exceptional production process and engaged in topical discussions with company representatives.

About 1,300 people regularly work at Terrafame’s industrial site, when both Terrafame’s and its business partners’ personnel are taken into account. In personnel relationships, shared work targets and practices continued to be in focus, as well as the development of occupational safety.

Well-functioning business relationships are also an important factor to the success of Terrafame’s ramp-up and the stabilisation of operations. Over a couple of years, the company has become a sought-after business partner that appreciates long-term business relationships and wants to support its partners in growing with it.

Terrafame’s ownership was expanded in 2017. Galena funds, part of the Trafigura Group – which operates in the raw materials industry – and the financial group Sampo, became owners of the company, in addition to the Terrafame Group, which represents the Finnish State. Cooperation with the Trafigura Group also intensified in commercial relationships.

Close neighbours and entrepreneurs were met at different events

During 2017, Terrafame had two Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) procedures pending. Local inhabitants, as well as representatives of tourism companies and various organisations, among others, were invited to the procedures’ monitoring groups. The purpose of the monitoring groups is to promote information flow and exchange among Terrafame, authorities and stakeholders. The participants can submit opinions concerning the preparation of EIA materials and reports that support the procedure.

As part of the EIA procedure, Terrafame participated in the public events organised by the Kainuu Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY Centre), which were held in Kajaani and Sotkamo. Dozens of people attended. Additionally, the company participated as a speaker and panellist in a public event on uranium recovery organised by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, held in Sotkamo in November.
In March, Terrafame arranged an ice fishing competition in conjunction with the local village association and fishing club. Many local participants came to enjoy the beautiful winter’s day on the ice of Lake Nuasjärvi.

In November, Terrafame held open discussion events for neighbours who live or spend freetime time near the mining concession. At these events, close neighbours could discuss topics of particular interest to them with company experts. The invitation also reached people who had not previously visited Terrafame.

Topical communication with various sectors of society

Terrafame’s mining concession is primarily located in Sotkamo municipality, but it also extends to Kajaani. In 2017, elected representatives of both Sotkamo and Kajaani visited the company on two occasions to acquaint themselves with its operations. Of the neighbouring municipalities, the new Municipal Executive of Sonkajärvi also visited Terrafame.

In addition to representatives of adjacent municipalities, several pupil and student groups from primary schools to universities visited Terrafame. Several Members of Parliament, as well as national associations, such as Mining Technicians and Finnish Transport and Logistics SKAL, among others, also became acquainted with Terrafame’s operations. Terrafame also had virtually daily contact with the national and foreign press, and numerous news items and several reports were published about the company throughout the year. Representatives of several other companies also visited the industrial site in connection with planning meetings and business negotiations, for example.

Typically, visitors were informed about the progress of the production ramp-up, the continuous improvements in occupational and environmental safety, as well as forthcoming projects, such as the plans for uranium recovery and the further processing options for a nickel-cobalt product. Furthermore, safety procedures at the industrial site were presented and a guided tour was given. Some of the visitors acquainted themselves more closely with mining operations or ore loading equipment, for example.


Our stakeholders What Terrafame can offer
Current and potential employees High-level occupational health and safety and taking care of working capacity
Opportunities to develope one's skills
Long-term business
Customers Stabilised production and high-quality products
Continuous development of operations and products
Reliable operator
Service providers and material suppliers Systematic development of partnerships
Effective tools for service supply
Sought-after, reliable business partner
Shareholders and financers Stabilisation and development of production
Improvement of profitability
High-level occupational and environmental safety
Local inhabitants and citizens Continuous improvement of environmental safety
Employment and positive impact on economic activity
Open communication and answering questions
Associations and networks Stabilised operations
Constructive interaction
Political decision-makers Substantial impact on area economy
Sustainable mining operations
Transparent communication
Municipal and central government Careful documentation of projects
Compliance with permit conditions and efficient reporting
Topical communication
Educational and research institutes Presentation of operations
Jobs and traineeships
Media and analysts Up-to-date, transparent communication
Proactive communication